A Shame

January 21, 2009

Winter is a survival horror game intended for the Wii much in the same vein as Silent Hill. Taking place in a chillyIt uses the Wii’s remote pretty cleverly, intending to be as interactive as possible in an environment, like opening a door a smidge to take a peek, “spark a fire and light some oily rags,” or shake a flashlight to get it to work again. Unfortunately, the game is stuck in limbo, because third party publishers think of the Wii as a kid’s system, and so they’re skittish about selling a dark, mature game on a system that has the stigma of being made for children.
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Which is a shame, really, for a number of reasons. From the interview it sounds like the Winter team used the Wii’s potential to good use, integrating the movements with the remote with appropriate actions in the game. It doesn’t seem tacked on or arbitrary. The survival aspect is a fresh take on the survival horror genre, and it appeals to the big Silent Hill fan in me. Second, it would give the Wii some variety in its line-up.

Which leads to a personal letdown.  Out of the PS3, XBox 360, I decided to go with the Wii. The PS3’s and XBox 360’s libraries didn’t really appeal to me for more than a few games. Plus I kept hearing too many stories about the XBox 360 always breaking down. The Wii seemed to have more going on. But now I’m sorta feeling a bit detached from the gaming world. I don’t know – I loved my PS2 because of the wide and varied library that came with it. You could get serious titles like Silent Hill 2 and 3, fighting games like the popular Capcom series to cult favorite Guilty Gear, and quirky gems like Ico, the Katamari Damacy series (when it was still a novelty), and Steambot Chronicles (which I ougtta finish one day). The Wii hasn’t lived quite up to that yet, the PS3 much less so, so far (price not helping too much either).

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